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charger problems?

I bought a new charger as my Compaq presario cq50 laptop stopped charging about a year ago, since then I have ... [Read more]
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how do I fix the video with no images except monitor going to sleep?

How can I fix the H.P. Compaq Presario, SR, 5610F, Windows VISTA, when the message on the monitor status says:... [Read more]
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presario hq60 on off ribbon?

I removed the keyboard and the on off ribbon of the lap top. I had no problem reinserting the keyboard ribbon... [Read more]
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hp Compaq Presario V200 on/off button??

Hi, in additon to previous question, (I didn't put the full correct name of the laptop-sorry!) The on/off but... [Read more]
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on/off button on hp presario 200 not working??

i have a hp presario 200 laptop,but the on/off button isn't working, so i can't turn it on. can anybody help o... [Read more]
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my HP Presario V3000Compaq laptop will not turn off?

I turned on my HP Presario V3000 notebook and it did not complete the start up. After a few seconds it made 4... [Read more]
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how can I correct a horizontal screen image to vertical?

How can I correct the screen image of my Compaq Presario laptop from horizontal back to vertical?
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how do I make my desktop power up?

I have presario sr2180nx it just will not turn on.
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compaq presario cq71?

how do i change the page down key on my compaq presario cq 71 laptop and where can i obtain the key and fittin... [Read more]
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system restore compaq presario sr2173wm?

how do i restore my compaq presario sr2173wm without cd

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