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Car Seat Adjustment?

My Peugeot Car set lifts up pushing forward and down moving back. I need it up and back Can it be modified?
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drivers window winder?

I have a Peugeot 406, 02 ,faulty electric winder,how do I get to it, can I remove switches alone or do I need ... [Read more]
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Peugeot 206 battery not working although charged?

I have taken off battery off car as I had not used it in a while so decided to give it a charge . Battery char... [Read more]
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206 peugeot glx?

Dash display blank not bulb's not fuses clarioncd player ,any ideas so don't have to spend forth e at garage m... [Read more]
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Rev counter ?

I have a Peugeot 206 estate the accelerator seems to work by itself while I'm driving but when I stop still it... [Read more]
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how can I fix my peugeot 806 keypad ?

I have a Peugeot 806 eden Park model and the pre ignition keypad buttons have finally worn out, making it very... [Read more]
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Why is my 307 Peugeot over heating ?

When car is overheating the heater is cold ?
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peugeot 407 steering wheel?

does anyone have any info on how to gain access to the nut that holds the steering wheel on a 2008 peugeot 707... [Read more]
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307 cut out and won’t start??

My Peugeot 307 just cut out whilst driving at normal speed. Dash lights everything still on no warning lights... [Read more]
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which fuse is hazard lights for a peugeot partner van 2001?

i have no handbook and would like to know which fuse controls the hazard warning lights on a Peugeot partner v... [Read more]

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