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need radio code nissan primastar 2008?

Hi I need radio code for nissan primastar please secrity code z313 8200633634t RNRDC080050238
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Need Code for Blaupunkt Car Stereo in Nissan Primera P11?

Hi I need a code to restart my BLAUPUNKT car stereo which locked up after an engine change. Stereo Mod... [Read more]
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How can I stop radio interference 2004 Nissan Almera? ?

How can I stop the radio interference on my 2004 Nissan Almera?This only occurs on MW/LW when the lights are p... [Read more]
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How can I find radio code for my 2004 Nissan micra se?

I've had a flat battery in my Nissan micra 2004 2.2 se now need my radio code and it's not in the book. I took... [Read more]
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radio code nissan almera?

i dont have the code my serial number is clo52930111259
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nissan aLmera 2004 model?

I need a radio code for my nissan almera 2004 model the radIo is not working it reads code error pls help
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Hw can I find my radio code my serial no is cl052930118909?

Plz can any one help me find my radio on for Nissan almera 2004
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diagrams / code ?

Please could you help. I'm looking for a wireing diagrams & code For a radio cassette from a Nissan BP6340... [Read more]
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Don't have radio code for van?

Could anyone help me with finding the radio code for my Nissan primstar van with no. Vskf4bhb6uv172965
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code for radio in nissan micra sx 2005?

Cant find code for car radio/cd found these numbers D121384924 B35299568498

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