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MATSUI M32LW508 32" Dimmed colour?

Wondering if anyone knows whats up with my t.v, I've replaced the inverter (backlight board) as the colour's ... [Read more]
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replacement bulb?

matsui ct111ss microwave how do i replace bulb
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How to record?

I have a Matsui video recorder model VX 1107 A but no instructions manual or remote control . How do I record ... [Read more]
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my matsui tv has a shadowy image of a second screen in the background?

how do i get rid of this shadow on my screen
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Matsui 1985?

The plastic spindle under the bottom turntable burned out. I replaced it with metal, Now the plastic cover a... [Read more]
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top spray arm does not spin, yet is clean with no debris, and is free to sp?

MATSUI Dishwsaher MS452s/A spray arm is clean, no debris inside, spins freely when spun manualy, yet does no... [Read more]
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My matsui washing machine won't comes on?

My matsui washing machine power light comes on but the rest of light won't come on and it's not starting up
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matsui washing machine model mwm145w?

My washing machine was on, and bumped second button, now bolth lights are frozen and machine will not resume r... [Read more]
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Where can I download?

Where can I download the manual for a Matsui VCR VP 9401
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My matsui mwm145w just flashes when I press the start button?

I've tried putting my washing machine onto a cycle, when I press start, after a few seconds of the light being... [Read more]

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