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Cracked LCD Screen/Display- Makita DMR104?

Working off ladders, I accidently dropped my impact driver drill and it just so happened to fall into my radio... [Read more]
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How to remove e on makita bmr 102 ive changed batteries n still wnt go ?

How to remove e from makita radio changed batt does nowt ? Bmr102
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Makita dc18ra?

Place battery in charger fan starts beeping noise red and green lights flash then fan stops beeping continues ... [Read more]
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Bmr104 Makita site radio?

The aerial seems to be broken or the connection to the aerial holder. what is the easiest way to get into t... [Read more]
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Makita bmr101 radio not working ?

When I switch it on it displays welcome Makita, I have tried all that has been listed on here with no luck (So... [Read more]
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Blank screen?

The screen has gone blank on my radio, any ideas why and what I need to do It's a DAB makita
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Makita dab bmr101 no power ...?

Hi there. My makita dab bmr101 radio seems to have blown up on me and now it won't turn on with either a batte... [Read more]
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makita site radio bmr 102?

volume control faulty at 4 volume very weak turn volume up no responce
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18v makita lit/ion battery?

The 18v batteries I have will not work when fully inserted in drill or impact drip,but if I press the release ... [Read more]
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makita 4350 jigsaw?

Hi can any one tell me how to get the quick release back in line to accept the blade the plunger is sitting cr... [Read more]

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