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how to remove a chuck on a Makita cordless drill?

I have a Makita cordless drill 12 V, 3/8", model 6213D. I newed to install a new gear unit, but I cannot rem... [Read more]
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makita sander?

I have a makita 1/4 sheet sander which I am trying to replace the power cord on. The 4 side housing screws are... [Read more]
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How to mend cordless drill battery?

My Makita drill is cordless and the battery will charge ok but runs low very fast. I was told there is fix for... [Read more]
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Keyless chuck stuck in open position?

Makita 6222D 9.6V Chuck is stuck in the wide open position,trying to turn both parts with those rubber strap... [Read more]
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petrol makita chainsaw keeps cutting out?

chainsaw starts then runs for a few seconds before stopping
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Ball bearing for Makita 110V SDS chuck?

The ball bearing that holds the drill bit in has fallen out. Where can I get one from?
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How do I remove the chuck from my Makita drill?

I have removed the center retaining screw, put an allen wrench in the jaws and whacked it with a hammer,but no... [Read more]
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makita orbital sander causing tv interference?

my neighbour has complained about my sander causing tv interference. I've used the sander for years without an... [Read more]
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changing blade on makita jigsaw?

I have aquired a makita 4304t jigsaw but cannot work out how to change the blade. I cannot see any allen key f... [Read more]
Mend Power Tools, Sanders

How do I repair my Makita finish sander?

My Makita finish sander (B04550) makes a HORRIBLE, grinding noise when I'm using it. The sound is as if the r... [Read more]
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