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hw can i fix my mini iphone for a poor network?

i just bought a mini iphone from dubai,am getting a poor network with can you i mend it to get a good n... [Read more]
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samsung iphone no display?

samsung no display problem
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iphone link to apple bluetooth headset?

I have a 2G iphone and am trying to link my Apple Bluetooth headset. It is not recognizing the headset. Anyo... [Read more]
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how to get slide to work on i phone?

i dropped my iphone now the slide bar will not open how to fix this
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Link Iphone with Jawbone Bluetooth headset?

Does anyone know how to link a Jawbone bluetooth headset with the Iphone? It used to work and then stopped. Wh... [Read more]
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i bought an xtron 7" touch screen dvd player cant get bluetooth to work?

i bought an xtron 7" touch screen dvd player for my car off ebay and cant get bluetooth to work on it any idea... [Read more]
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hi,is there anyone who can help me to repair my iphone?

my iphone is not working n repairing people can not figure out that how to open that phone,so if u know please... [Read more]
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how can i fix my apple iphone mobile??

i upgraded my iphone to version but then it sai i have to restore the settings i put it on restore ... [Read more]
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Apple Iphone Audio problum?

I have a apple iphone, speaker and mic will be out of order in normal mode but in loud speaker mode mic and lo... [Read more]
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My Iphone speakers dont work how do i fix it?

My Iphone's speakers not headphones, speakers dont work. Does anybody here kow how to fix them
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