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PVR200T slow response to remote?

My Humax PVR200T has begun to respond to the remote control only after a delay of many seconds. It is sometime... [Read more]
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how can l fix a frozen humax pvr 9300t?

My pvr humax 9300t locks when switched on with PVR-9300T on the unit screen. Pressing menu button, switching o... [Read more]
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Humax pvr9300t?

The above box won't hold itv chann signals quality is very poor. All tvs are ok have tried re-installing but s... [Read more]
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how can i fix my humax vaillan heating ?

there is hot water No heating, radiator light is not on
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Freezing. Picture?

Some times loose signal .and remote does not work after changing batteries . I have never down ,loaded up... [Read more]
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no tv signal to tv through humax recorder?

when the recorder is in stand by mode i do not have a signal to to my tv does the recorder have to be on to ge... [Read more]
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no power to humax reciever?

during lightning storm humax foxsat hdr saterlight gave up.checked fuse in plug ok
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humax freeview box?

my humax Freeview box cuts out for a few seconds a the start and end of ad breaks then the picture turns to sn... [Read more]
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humax pvr-9150t - password issues?

Hi there, an ex house-mate changed my password on my humax pvr-9150t and did not inform me of this...he has no... [Read more]
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how Can I change stations?

I have a Humax LGB-17DTTVanD I live in the Northwest but I only receive BBC1 BBC2 and ITV wales. How can I ch... [Read more]

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