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Boxer heater blower not working?

My 2015 boxer's heater fan stopped working, I've replaced the resistor and checked all the fuses but still no... [Read more]
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Amish Heat Surge model adl-2000m-x heater problem?

Unit worked last night. This morning turned on and flame effect is working visually. Hear a soft noise that m... [Read more]
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replace heater blower resistor?

i have a Daf 45 130 turbo 1994 and the blower only works on number 4 on the heater i think the resistor has fa... [Read more]
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Nissan almera heater blower wont work?

All the dash board lights up as the heater is working but I am not getting any heat or fan noise
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Heater blower is working but no air coming out the vents pug expert ?

Peugeot expert 1999 the heater blower works on all 4 settings but nothing coming out vents, ive bin told the ... [Read more]
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how do I fix?

I have a small Dimplex free standing electric stove, now with the thermostat turned all the way up I flip the ... [Read more]
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hot fuse?

Ford mondeo 1998 mk 2 heater blower works but fuse in main fuse box gets very hot
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my rover 45 02 plate heater blower does not work in any settings?

I have changed the resistor pack and still does not work. Any further suggestions other than a new/second hand... [Read more]
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Dimplex Club, fan not working?

Hi I have a Dimplex Club electric stove. The blower is not working, the heater is working as you can feel it w... [Read more]
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where do i locate the fuse for my heater blower?

my heater stopped working yesteday for no reason at all and i dont know where to locate the fuse for it to che... [Read more]

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