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My heater/blower has stopped on my Zafira?

The heater/ blower has stopped altogether on my 05 Zafira any ideas please.
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Nissan Micra 1997?

Hi there, The fan heater blower is nt working at all,it used to work on number 4.... I changed the resister,... [Read more]
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Where is the heater resistor of automatic A/C 306 HDI?

Willy on Nov 2012 asked where the heater resistor was on his 306 HDI, but nobody ever answered! I have the sa... [Read more]
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citreon xsara heater problem?

citreon xsara Y reg heater blower on full will not shut off only by pulling the fuse have changed the resiste... [Read more]
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Vauxhall combo 1.7 heater blower?

No matter what speed or direction my heater is blowing, the blower is minimal, how do I get full strength wind... [Read more]
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heater not working ?

How do u fix my renualt scenic heater blower resitor an I can't find it were it gose please can you help me w... [Read more]
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my heater blowers have stoped working on my y reg picasso?

were is the heater blower fuse
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2009 Clio heater stops working when switch put to mark 4?

Hi, When I put the car heater to mark 4 itblower stops working on my 2009 Renault Clio. The blower works on a... [Read more]
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I have a Renault modus 2004 and heater blower has stopped working?

My Renault modus heater blower has stopped working has anyone any ideas what it could be?
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How can I fix my fiat punto 2003 1.2?

Heater blower and reversing light not working - fuse blown. Replaced fuse and resister fuse, fuse blown again

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