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how can i get my boot working,,?

Hi ive ganged the switch & it still isn't working,, nor is the heater blower, can anyone help
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rover 45 heater blower/ AC blower only works in positions iii & iiii? ?

rover 45 heater blower/ AC blower only works in positions iii & iiii? Your answer: hi ive changed the resist... [Read more]
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nissan micra heater blower not working?

hi, my heater blower only works now and again on my micra 2005. If it does come on it will work on all speeds.... [Read more]
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peugeot 206 heater blower?

my fan on the heater/blower seems to slow down then sometimes stop then it will fire up again and run fine and... [Read more]
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trying to heater rheostat on series 3 citroen c5?

heater blower not working at all series 3 vtr+
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heater blower resistor iveco daily 35s12 hpi 2.3 2009?

Where is the heater blower resistor situated as I can only use the fan blower on 5?
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How can I fix my 55 reg Focus 1.6 Mk2 electrical fault?

The heater blower, windscreen washers and electric front windows all stopped working at the same time. Fuses ... [Read more]
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How to fix siezed air blower switch 2008 Peugeot Boxer?

I have motorhome based on a 2008 Peugeot Boxer 2.2 and the air blower switch has jammed or seized. It can be f... [Read more]
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how do i know which fuse to change?

My cig lighter, windscreen washer, beep on self lock doors and heater blower have all stopped working, im gues... [Read more]
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heater blower on vauxhall vectra 03 plate wont switch off?

the heater blower wont switch off at all even when ignition turned off - Vectra 3.2 elite

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