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Nissan Elgrand hard start?

Nissan Elgrand 3.3l petrol 1998 model has hard start.It only starts after several attempts, and only picks up ... [Read more]
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renault dashboard blank?

Just popped into the shops and my Dashboard has gone blank Headlights etc work. Know now this is a Renault pro... [Read more]
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02 berlingo help PLZ really stuck?

a day ago my washer stopped squirting and i thought it may just be out of liquid, but the wipers didn't work e... [Read more]
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2014 Subaru Forester fog light to DRL conversion?

Has anyone had any success in converting fog lights to DRL's? I know I need a relay of sorts to turn the DRL's... [Read more]
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nissan cabstar headlights?

2001 nissan cabstar. How do I change the headlight bulb?
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monde headlights w reg?

Bulb blew tks to bulb shop tks a while but got bulb in still didn't work. They 4t blown fuse ,when they looke... [Read more]
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headlight adjuster?

How can I adjust my headlights on a Renault Megan scenic 1.9 diesel the adjusting screws just keep going round... [Read more]
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Do the headlights on t1200 only work when engine running?

The headlights on my westwood t1200 only work when the engine is running is this normal.?
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KA Headlights and speedo light not working (side lights, full beams work)?

Hi everyone, In my '03 KA, the headlights and the dashboard speedo light have stopped working. The side lig... [Read more]
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how can i fix my 2004 astra 1.7 cdti?

I got the car and the headlight contrils where cut off, i re-wired them in and didnt seem to work, played with... [Read more]

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