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main beam headlights not working?

Volkswagen polo 2006 main headlights not working both have changed both fuses no luck any answers
Mend Vehicles, Cars

headlights sticking on a citreon piccasso zara?

my headlights are stuck on but i have not had my lights on at all i have disconnected my battery but as soon a... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

How can I fix headlight problem?

Suddenly both the main beam headlights on my '99 MK4 Tdi Golf have stopped working, so driving on dipped. The ... [Read more]
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Micra 03 Electrical problem?

I have a micra 03 which has developed a problem. The wipers turn on by themselves even though they are set to ... [Read more]
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citreon c3 pluriel diesel ?

I just connected a bass tube to the battery of my car now, every time I lock the car, it wont open by the re... [Read more]
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how can i fix headlight audio sound?

the audio sound device has stopped working on my 04 transit van that sounds when you leave the side or headlig... [Read more]
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i have a jinlug 125/11?

headlights go on ok in neutral as soon as gear selected the light goes out and cant workout why help carnt fin... [Read more]
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headlights come on when i indicate?

when i indicate my headlights come on its a picasso 53 plate
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My indicators are not working?

the indicators are not working on my cargo 813, the light does not flash on my dash either if I put the hazard... [Read more]
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renualt Magena 1.9 dci 2007?

I hae renault 1.9 dci. Jus recently, Ihave had a fult with my main head light unit. Each tie I stat my car, ... [Read more]

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