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guide plus not loading?

guide plus will only load up one hour on freeview and four hours on freesat,i have tried every way that the se... [Read more]
Mend Video, DTT Receivers

Humax remote problem?

I have a Humax Foxsat-hdr (freesat ) and a Humax HDR-fox 2 (freeview), the problem is both remote controls wor... [Read more]
Mend Video, DTT Receivers

thomson top up tv box?

No channels have checked wiring that ok changed to 8 day freeview guide still nothing should throw it out
Mend Video, Satellite Receivers

freeview box?

my logik freeview box Just got a green light on no channel have tried everything won't record or played Pau... [Read more]
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Regza TV C3030D no freeview?

Hi im told Toshiba have a very good reputation for after sales service. My television Regza C3030D is not work... [Read more]
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how to connect my 500gb h/d freeview box to my home hub without any cables?

how do i connect my 500gb h/d digital tv feeview recorder to my bt home hub without any cables. my device is a... [Read more]
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Software replacement to Bush Freeview recorder ?

My Bush BU11FVRSD32 freeview recoder will only play recorded progs aatv screen says no aerial, even though a s... [Read more]
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digital signal?

since the analogue signal was turned off, have been unable to get it to work. is this normal? my other tv wor... [Read more]
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tvonics freeview plus recorder?

why wont my tvonics freeveiw plus recorder let me record, just says hard drive disabled.
Mend Video, DTT Receivers

Faulty Thomson Freeview recorder 250gb?

All of a sudden the screen went black and the tv made a loud hum. The no ariel symbol came up & all of my reco... [Read more]

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