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how can i fix a65hy electrical problem?

when I use radio all is fine, when I use windscreen wipers on memory setting radio clicks off then comes come ... [Read more]
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only runs on 2/3 cylinders when started?

When i start my ford fiesta 1.6 diesel it only starts on 2/3 cylinders had new glow plugs helped slightly than... [Read more]
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need a code for car radio?

i need a code for a ford fiesta seriel no mo34179 can any body help thanks
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drivers window will not open?

drivers window will not open. Motor still works as I can hear the motor when the window button is pressed. Whe... [Read more]
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problem with starting ford fiesta?

I have a 2001 ford fiesta ghia, that starts fine for a few days and then without warning refuses to. lights an... [Read more]
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hiddon fuses on a ford fiesta 2008d?

i am looking for imformation about a ford fiesta does the 2008 disel have a hiddon fuse
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how can i start my car if brake is down(fiesta,2011, ford)?

my car wont start, also lights wouldnt start , so i assumed that it was a battery issue. so i attmepted to cha... [Read more]
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how do i get into my car i have lost the only key. ?

Old p reg ford fiesta, has central locking, one ley for door and engine start
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transponder has snapped off chip ?

can i get transponder fixed or disable immobiliser on T reg ford fiesta
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warning light ?

Can any one help i have a 53reg 1.4i ford fiesta and the engine warning light keeps coming on with fault code ... [Read more]

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