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How do I unassemble a Carron Pheonix monobloc mixer tap? I have removed the rear grub screw to remove the spou... [Read more]
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carlsberg draught master?

would like to purchase a drip tray and insert for top of tap
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Dorf tap replacement parts?

I have two Dorf jupiter flickmaster basinmixer vanity basin sets in my home. My home is only 10 yrs old and no... [Read more]
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valiant boiler pressue low and overflow won't stop?

I've got a valiant combi boiler and I usually top the pressure up every now and again as sometimes it's very l... [Read more]
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Leaking mixer tap in the kitchen sink ?

Hi first time out this season, small drip under sink between the tap and the work surface on my Burstner venta... [Read more]
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Scunci Steamer - Have steam, but leaks from nozzle?

I have a model SS1000 that worked well until recently. I have plenty of steam, but water leaks from the nozzl... [Read more]
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Water trickling/dripping from overflow - how can I stop it?

Re. Baxi 105e combi boiler. When repressurising I mistakenly turned tap full on instead of off and pressure i... [Read more]
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how do I remove tap head?

I have a constant drip from the mixer spout which I have traced to the hot water side. The taps are square wit... [Read more]
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how to i fix a leaking tap?

how do i fix a leaking tap connecting my shower to my boiler, do i need a silcon or a washer. its turned off j... [Read more]
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dripping tap?

my tap2430 has developed a drip, how do I fix it please.
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