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where is the radiator cap on a renault clio the car is an N reg?

the car is losing coolant which might tell the radiator has a leak, will radweld solve the problem
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My 1994 Chevy G 20 needs an a/c charge,how much refridgerant?

My 94 chevy g 20 has a coolant leak and the a/c needs a charge ,how much refridgerant will it hold?
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Fixing a Freezer - gas leak?

While cleaning my freezer - chipping away some ice - I punchered the cooling loop and the coolant gas leaked o... [Read more]
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Coolant Light - Renault Clio (W reg)?

Hi. Sorry to be completely useless, but the coolant warning light has come on twice in 2 days in my Clio. ... [Read more]
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coolant leak rover 214i 1992/93?

I have a rover 214i 1992/93 and am having to keep topping coolant up. I have read that it may be the head gas... [Read more]
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Gilera 125 water leak?

Hi When I put water into the coolant tank on My Gilera DNA 125 it runs straight through and out at the bott... [Read more]
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Coolant will not stay in my car?

Coolant will not sty in my car, I can fill it up and drive it a few miles and it is gone. I've check everywhe... [Read more]
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How do I swap the thermostat in a peugeot 405 1.8 GLX 1995?

I have a Peeugot 405 with a coolant leak, quite severe, have tried to use radiator sealant, unsuccessfuly. The... [Read more]
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How to fix Leaky coolant hose on 2001 taurus ?

I have a 2001 ford taurus that started a small leak about two weeks ago.Every couple days I w... [Read more]
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Cooling system mystery?

I have a 1992 GMC 3/4 ton Sierra Pick-up 4WD. I have a nasty coolant leak at the rear of the engine. The pro... [Read more]
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