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How do I fix the clutch on my Cusinart blender?

Like every other Cuisinart SPB-7CH the clutch broke. After months of trying to get Cuisinart to send me a new ... [Read more]
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Fiat Punto gear box?

Our P reg Fiat Punto recently had to have a new clutch and bell housing. 6 weeks later a bearing in the gear b... [Read more]
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how to adjust clutch?

how do you adjust a clutch on an 1992 ford explored? when vechile is put into 3rd gear it grinds.
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rover 214 sei 16v headgasket blown :(?

I have a rover 214sei it really like this car and i am reluctant to let it go the headgasket blew so a mechani... [Read more]
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how to change a clutch?

i need to know how to change the clutch fibers on a 1996 suzuki rf600r.i have the fibers i am not sure how to ... [Read more]
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how to replace a cable clutch 42" in a craftsman riding lawnmower?

the cable that ingages the blades broke under the mower, and I would need a detaled instructions on how to rep... [Read more]
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1994 Nissan Sentra clutch cable?

Trying to install a new clutch cable in our 1994 Nissan Sentra, after the existing one snapped. I cannot get t... [Read more]
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how to change a clutch on a cavalier 1.8 sport?

how can i change a clutch on a cavalier. step by step info please.
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mcculloch mac weedeater?

how do i remove the clutch housing. i need to put a new rope on it i have already removed everthing down to th... [Read more]
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gearbox slips out of 5th when idling, vectra 1.8ls?

gearbox slips out of 5th when idling at 2thou,at about 50mph,i have been advised to top up the gearbox oil,whi... [Read more]
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whats wrong with my poor sabb?

i have a 93 sabb 900 i went to start it and push in the clutch and it did not come back out so i added brake f... [Read more]
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MTD Yard Machine starts but dies after a few minutes?

MTD Yard Machine starts but dies after a few minutes. But will start right back up and then does the same thin... [Read more]
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how do change a clutch on a 1997 ford fiesta?

how do i change a clutch on a 1997 ford fiesta?
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clutch, nissan, micra?

my car will go into gear but it will not move in any direction. It makes a squeaking noise when i lift the clu... [Read more]
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Very high clutch on M reg Mondeo ?

I have just brought a 1995 1.8 td Mondeo, the clutch does not slip, but is very high,also it is hydraulic, Que... [Read more]
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clutch not working?

Hi does anyone know what the fault could be on my vectra? I was driving heard something pop and now I have no ... [Read more]
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How do i add oil to my 95 Cavalier clutch?

The clutch on my 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier 2 Door Sedan engages very near the floor. It was corrected before by ... [Read more]
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changing a clutch on a cavalier?

how do i change the clutch on a vauxhall cavalier
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how to remove Assy. clutch on Poulan Pro?

How does the Assy. clutch come off the Poulan Pro so we can replace the pull cord? Hubby got everything apart... [Read more]
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how do i adjust biting point on 02 focus?

I've just bought an 02 1.6i 16v zetec focus and the clutch biting point is a bit too high for the missus' how ... [Read more]
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