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how can i fix my rover 400 series 1997"R"reg?

i have 3 problems with my rover 400 (1997). 1. my clutch lifts up quickly and i end up wheelspinning on occ... [Read more]
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gears stiff to change on 1997 golf?

after having the clutch and cable changed on my 1997 golf turbo diesel, the gears started to get stiff to chan... [Read more]
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How to change the belt on my dc04 clutch?

I have a dc04 clutch version and the belt is slipping and i cant get in to the thing to change the belt. Any i... [Read more]
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changing a clutch on 1994, 1.4 Mk5 Escort ?

I am looking at changing the clutch on my 1.4, Mk5 escort. Garage has quoted more than the car is worth. Just... [Read more]
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how do i change my dco4 clutch?

dyson dc04 diagrams required
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Snapper 41 inch riding mower with disk drive will not run in reverse?

I have found it impossible to ajust the disk drive on the 41 inch Snapper mower so that it will run in reverse... [Read more]
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how can i fix my vectra?

how do you adjust a clutch on a vauxhall vectra 1.8 t reg
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how do i remove the viscose fan on my ford transit 2.5 diesel engine?

I can't stop the fan spinning when I try to undo the nut on the viscose clutch fan ofn my Ford Transit K Reg 2... [Read more]
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fiesta clutch problem?

i recently drove my daughters fiesta,and there seems to be a problem with the clutch.on using the clutch it en... [Read more]
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rover 400 series clutch?

just bought 1995 rover 416 the clutch pedal seems to beto high ,the clutch works ok is there a problem can th... [Read more]
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