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98 Kawasaki 1500 clutch nut hard to remove?

I'm having a hard time removing the main nut holding the clutch on the shaft. Is there a trick to taking off t... [Read more]
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Briggs 5hp Quantum self propelled shaft not turning?

I have an old Yazoo 22 S22MB1 mower. Something popped while I was engaging the drive lever and the self prope... [Read more]
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how can if fix my clutch.vw mk1 golf?

how do i replace my clutch? vw golf c formal e 1983
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Dyson DC04 Absolute?

How do I remove the drive belt cover inside the machine, I have had a chew on to get inside but It was getting... [Read more]
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Dyson DC04 - Motor?

Wonder if anyone can help. I have a problem with my DC04 (whining noise, burning smell, etc.). Someone sug... [Read more]
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ford kaevving?

when i press the clutch a get an excessive amount of revving on my ford ka 1999. when i have looked at the eng... [Read more]
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ford ka?

i have a 1999 ford ka. when i press my clutch on the foot(not all the time) i get high revs. Please help the c... [Read more]
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How do I remove a chainsaw clutch?

when trying to remove the clutch nut, the whole flywheel is turning. How do I stop the flywheel from turning o... [Read more]
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How do i stop my engine over-revving when slowing down?

My ford Ka recently has started over-revving when slowing down and stopping, when the clutch is pressed in its... [Read more]
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how to stop the drive belt from comming off the pulley?

I have a sears craftsman lawn tractor with kohler 16.5hp pro. it has a manual 6spd and the drive belt comes o... [Read more]
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