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Toilet full light?

After emptying the toilet cassette we noticed a small green plastic ball floating in the cdp at the site and o... [Read more]
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how to remove fuse thetford?

I have 1991 non tiki no flush in toilet found the fuse in cassette locker but can't get it out its theglass o... [Read more]
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Thetford Cassette C2 toilet Fuse cannot be inserted ?

My thetford C2 stopped working. Having read lots of advice etc I decided to remove the internal blade fuse fir... [Read more]
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Tank not filling?

The clean water tank of my Thetford cassette toilet has been working fine but now the tank is empty and will n... [Read more]
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fuses for cassette toilet?

where can you find fuse for thetford cassette toilet as blue button only clicks when trying to flush
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thetford toilet fuse?

where can i find fuse in my thetford cassette toilet C200CW as blue button just clicking but no water coming o... [Read more]
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toilet pump stays on?

Hi there my swift challenger 2005 model toilet pump will not switch off after releasing the button. I 've take... [Read more]
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thetford cassette c-200cs?

no water getting to toilet pump works water at shower-sink
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How do I refit my new lock back on my caravan outside toilet door ?

I have taken my lock of my caravan toilet cassette door but now cannot put it back on I have been trying for 3... [Read more]
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thetford casette toilet?

How do you remove the rubber seal from the thetford c-250 cassette toilet

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