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right indicator light comes on when i start the car ?

right indicator light comes on when i start the car and comes on when im driving and i have to hold it to stop... [Read more]
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how do i change indicator stalk on my citreon picasso 2004?

can any one help took my car into the garage to get checked and they said i needed new stalk at the price od 4... [Read more]
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12 volt system is not working in my caravan?

I have had my built in caravan charger tested & told it is not working.I know this can be by-passed. So, when ... [Read more]
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my left indicator comes on by itself when starting the car and also just comes on when driving along for no ap... [Read more]
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fiat punto bulb?

my indicator bulb cover on the side of the car has come off any idea where i can buy one.
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autamtic transmission does not work?

I was a user zafira 1.8 A / T in ndonesia ..... the car was suddenly two indicator lights on the panel flame. ... [Read more]
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How do I change the front indicator bulb on a nissan micra 52 reg?

How do I go about changing the bulb on the front indicator light on a nissan 52 car. Cannot access the light.
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indicator comes on on its own?

while driving the indicator comes on to turn right,and when i start the car 1st thing it comes on to go right.... [Read more]
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ford fiesta indicator fault?

my son has a x reg fiesta and the drivers side indicator has started to come on ( not flash) over night. it ha... [Read more]
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peaugot 206 left hand back indicator light not working?

our peaugot 206 left hand back indicator light wont work ,we bought a new box and fitted it it but then the ca... [Read more]

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