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Locking Issues/ Indicator Flash?

Hi I have a Mondeo 52 plate and all of a sudden when i lock the car with key and with the door it locks and ev... [Read more]
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2011 ford fiesta power indicator light?

I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta. First owner, 24,000 miles. I drive it strictly long distance, 550 miles one way whe... [Read more]
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my airbag is on ?

The airbag is on in my citreon xara picasso 2.0 hdi 2002.I got it plugged in and two faullts showed up.They we... [Read more]
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shogun alarm fob battery replace?

having replaced the 3v battery in the alarm fob tried to re-sync the alarm - nothing, the red indicator neon ... [Read more]
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peugeot 206 55 plate?

Help ! When using the indicator to turn left it switches itself off after a few clicks then turns on my side h... [Read more]
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ford galaxy right indicator sometimes switches on when car started?

indicator switches on when start engine even though indicator stick in neutral position. When switch engine of... [Read more]
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how can i fix my 1999 Clio grand 1.2?

three times my clio has stopped dead as i am driving over the course of time from new. It is serriously danger... [Read more]
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Please help with VW GOLF MK4 door locking problem ?

I have a 150 GT TDI mk4 Golf (02)and the drivers side indicator lights stay on when I lock it after use. They ... [Read more]
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VW golf MK4 driver indicator lights stay on after locking car?

I have a 150 GT TDI mk4 Golf (02)and the drivers side indicator lights stay on when I lock it after use. They... [Read more]
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micra k12 door open indicators?

Hi everyone my problem is the red door indicator (on the dashboard) popping on and off whilst driving along... [Read more]

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