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fix fujifil s1800 help! please!?

I am having some trouble with my fujifilm finepix s1800 digicam when I click a picture it shows me the pictur... [Read more]
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Digital Camera?

When changing lens on Canon eos 400d an error message Err99 shows on screen, what does the error message mean
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my vp-w90 chews up tapes?

Every time i put a tape in my camera an error message comes up "eject tape REMG and pulls the tape out the cov... [Read more]
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Zoom error on Fuji Finepix?

Any idea how to get rid of the zoom error on Finepix F45fd camera? Tried taking battery out but no help. Fuji ... [Read more]
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How can i get my SD Card to work in my Goodmans g-shot 3024z?

I have just got a Goodmans digital camera without a memory card i got a 8gb card but dose not work just says ... [Read more]
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How can I fix my fujifilm finepix F480?

After dropping the camera the screen says focus error when the camera is switched on and then it switches itse... [Read more]
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Sd door error?

When you close the SD door and turn the camera on it shows one picture from the internal memory and then gives... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Casio EX Z2? ?

My Casio EX Z2 fell while attatched to my tripod (tripod was only semi-open). When I inspected the camera i sa... [Read more]
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zoom error on my finepix z2 camera?

how can i fix my finepix z2 canera when i switch on it says zoom error
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Fuji FinePix S7000 "zoom error"?

when I power up my Fuji Finepix S7000, I get a "zoom error" message and the camera is locked up - no functions... [Read more]

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