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my ansaphone will not allow me to answer calls but I can make outgoing call?

my ansaphone ring but when I pick it up I am not connected to the caller. It will record messages and also all... [Read more]
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synergy 5500?

my bt synergy 55oo cordless telepnone rings and i cant hear the caller ! what do i do ?
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Bt synergy 5500 answer machine ?

My 5500 base unit answer machine is showing a letter A and will not move of that no combination of pressing bu... [Read more]
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BT Synergy 3105 triple handset?

I have recently moved to spain from uk and would like to use my synergy handsfree phones but cant seem to make... [Read more]
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I have a bt synergy 3505?

Have set it all up but cannot get a dialling tone so cannot call out. When I phone from my mobile it does not ... [Read more]
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BT Synergy 3500 cordless phone no display?

Have purchased new batteries for the handset on line were told these were the batteries that i should have? st... [Read more]
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visual display?

all 4 phones on my BT Synergy 4500 system are showing ' line in use' but as far as I am conerned, the line is... [Read more]
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Can you help me to fix my problem?

My Bt Synergy 2150 constantaly shows Searching after replacing new battery
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BT Synergy 3505 I can't hear them but they can hear me?

Hand set 2 works perfectly, but hand set 1 will ring, when picked up, the person at the other end can hear me ... [Read more]
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my bt synergy 3505 handset is not displaying anything?

The base unit is on, when i press something on the handset it flashes blue and goes off, the base shows as cha... [Read more]

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