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1999 Daf 45 bleed brakes?

What is correct procedure for bleeding brakes, there seems to be numerous bleed nipples? Have bled them but b... [Read more]
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my Renault scenic 1.9 diesel brake pedal seems to get hard like the brakes are not working sometimes other tim... [Read more]
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Fiat grande 1.9 punto wont start. No glow plug symbol showing on dash ?

My fiat won't start. I went through a puddle and now a lock and car light is showing in amber on my dash. Th... [Read more]
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How to fix clutch on 1998 Honda civic DX?

I noticed this problem about 3 days ago . When I shift gears its seems to hesitate before shifting in all gea... [Read more]
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please help. ldv brake fail?

Desperate for help!!! I have a LDV 400 convoy BI-fuel. I bought the truck from Devon and while driving back ... [Read more]
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Adjusting rear brake pads on Mercedes 814 1995 (drum brakes) ?

got new pads fitted and hubs in good condition is there any adjustments one can do to set them a little closer... [Read more]
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How can I sort brake light problem on my caravan?

All lights work on my caravan except brakes, tried a trailer board and everything worked fine hitched up to ca... [Read more]
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DAF 45 parking brake low efficiency?

Hi guys, I have a 97 plate daf 45 and the service brake was below the minimum on the brake test so failed i... [Read more]
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Why are my horse box brakes sticking on whilst being driven?

Leyland DAF T reg horse box . Just been in for this problem but it is still happening. Whilst being driven the... [Read more]
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Nissan Primera SX, 2004,1.8L jerky when indicating left?

The car begin jerking with indicator on and goes when indicator cancelled. Also the Satnav screen beeps or dis... [Read more]

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