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f61 error?

How does a stk I.c looks lik on a technicks amplifier model EH590
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how can I get my Renault trafic campervan to spark or start its 1995 2.2 pe?

My Renault trafic campervanrefuses to spark it wont start despite renewing most electricsl parts appart from t... [Read more]
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no sound from sony mhc-ex9av?

Everything switches on and appears to be working fine just no sound comes out no matter what input it's on as ... [Read more]
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i have a kenwood a-85 stack system need the connction manual?

i have a kenwood a-85 amplifier stack sytem and need to know how to connect to other units
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fix md2632 car amplifier ?

I need a diagram of the circuit board for my md-2632 car amplifier does anyone know where to find it
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noise sa-gx690?

I have a stereo receiver SA-GX690. Its problem is when I up the volume there is a noise, just when it's loud n... [Read more]
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How to repair a Torque T30 1EB Amplifier?

Hi, I bought a 30W amp on Ebay which was supposed to be working but there is no sound out when I put a Shur... [Read more]
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trying to locate?

air conditioner amplifier on a 1966 XJ Jaguar
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Where do i find the pin connections to add rear speakers to a Ford 6000 cd ?

I am adding an amplifier to my 2010 For transit connect XLT and noticed their are pin confections on the back ... [Read more]
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faulty denon rcd 35 dab?

I have the Denon RCD 35 DAB, the problem is there is no sound from speakers or headphone socket . A very low s... [Read more]

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