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How to mend...Alternator Citroen Berlingo

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Battery drain (or alternator or electrics?) on Citroen Berlingo 2008?

Car died on M25 after stopping for accident to be cleared. I then have replaced the battery at Halfords as the... [Read more]
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Starter acting up?

I have a 2009 Citroen Berlingo that has starter issues. The strange thing is when the car is cold ie: 1st star... [Read more]
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my citroen garage don't know what is wrong with my car help!?

My car has been to the garage several times. There is sqeeling noise when engine is started. The replaced th... [Read more]
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battery draining power?

hi my citroen diesel berlingo battery keeps draining when left switched off for more than six hours,replace... [Read more]
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how do I fit a alternator belt round the pulleys of my diesel citroen berli?

how do I fit a alternator belt round the pulleys of my diesel citroen berlingo van 55 plate
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Citroen berlingo battery lights comes on and audible alarm sounds?

the battery lights comes on, have replaced the battery and fully chared but after a couple of days the battery... [Read more]
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my alternator and hand brake light is on when my engine is running and my h?

when i start my engine my alternator light is on and when i put of my handbrake the handbrake is still on also... [Read more]
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What is wrong with my Citroen Berlingo ?

Car wont start, battery flat but only just replaced battery a couple of months ago - alternator was checked at... [Read more]
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citroen berlingo van?

lace the power sterring /alternator drive belt

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