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How can i keep my aiwa cx-na202 from coming back on after I turn it off?

My Aiwa CX-NA202 home stereo turns itself on after a second or two of turning it off, can someone help?
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FM repair?

I have a Aiwa cx-nv70u my FM only gets one station I can change the number of station from 82 all the way up t... [Read more]
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Aiwa xrh33md buttons and remote does not work normally?

It powers on 100 volts once it accidently supplied 220 that caused its transister damaged I changed its transi... [Read more]
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aiwa z-a20 hifi?

I have just bought this midi stereo system and set it up. I can make it all work, except the two cassette dec... [Read more]
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are there any aiwa repair service centers in the new jersey area?

the cassette deck works and the radio the cd player dies not and it needs to be repair
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my aiwa c100m 100 cd players elevator light is blinking?

i was able to reset my system but the light on the elevator is blinking an the check is displayed on the front... [Read more]
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Aiwa Stereo Repair?

Are there any Aiwa repair stores in Idaho?
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cassette tape door #2 won't close aiwa-?

Aiwa CX-na508U 1998 system -tape unspoiled in tape door #1-i managed to get tape out-but now door #2 won't clo... [Read more]
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aiwa z 2600?

how do i get continious play on my z 2600
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some disks play, some do not?

I cleaned all the disks. I took the Aiwa CD player apart. Some disks spin and play when rotated to the lens. ... [Read more]

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