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spongy brakes?

after putting new brake pads on my '97 passat and bled them, the brakes are still spongy and only work on the ... [Read more]
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peugeot 307hdi abs warning light stays on?

changed the wheelbearing on car, nothing wrong with brakes but abs warning light is staying on also when you p... [Read more]
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ABS and Hand Brake Light ON?

I got my front suspension checked from a garage, soon after that I found out the ABS light and Hand Brake ligh... [Read more]
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peugeot 307sw brake fault?

a light on my dash flashes "STOP" with the brake & abs symbols showing, and BRAKING PROBLEM on the top display... [Read more]
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How do I remove service light & ABS light from a Renault Megane 2005?

I have a renault magane dynamic 2005 and I got the brakes replaced. When I got the car back the ABS and Servic... [Read more]
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brakes knocking?

when i brake a bit harder the brakes work then lock if the pedal is down a bit when they lock the pedal wont m... [Read more]
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ABS Warning light Peugeot 307?

The Abs warning light on 2002 1.4 HDI Peugeot 307 comes on and off. Comes on after driving for short period, ... [Read more]
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citroen dispatch diesel non turbo no abs 04 reg?

hi, got a problem with the brakes on my van,while driving,i brake once and its ok then again its ok then the p... [Read more]
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my abs and antiskid light come on dash and no brakes any one no how to fix ?

as above
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the abs light,traction control light ?

the ABS light , Traction control light and HDC light are permanently on in 2001 my freelander td4 -rear brakes... [Read more]
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