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how can i fix my nokia 3200?

woke up this morn and my phone had "insert SIM card" written on the screen... i hadn't touched it. i turned it... [Read more]
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i cant text out?

I can receive text messages but i cant text out.Please could you help me.My phone is Nokia 6111
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how to remove the password on minisd (kingstone 1gb)?

i have the same problem too.well i just bought nokia 6280 as memory card is kingstone minisd 1gb.for t... [Read more]
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I have a Nokia 6630?

I have dropped my 6630, the case come off and the battery came out, I put it back together and now it wont cha... [Read more]
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How to replace broken LCD screen for Nokia 7373 pink?

Any help on how to open Nokia 7373 mobile phone first and then replace broken LCD screen? This is the part th... [Read more]
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How to replace screen to Nokia 6610i?

The screen on my Nokia 6610i is "bleeding" after being damaged by a fall against a wall when out rambling. I ... [Read more]
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Nokia 6230i water can i fix it????????????

hey there dropped in the toilet, slipped outa pockets cause i didn't have my zip on, grrrrrrrrrr. Anyways it ... [Read more]
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nokia 6280.shows camera on standby mode when trying to switch on the camera?

i had done a crash course on mobile phone repairing from ITI institute we were not taught any t... [Read more]
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bluetooth and camera not working in Nokia 6600?

Some days back bluetooth in my Nokia 6600 stopped working. whenever i started it the message the mobile would ... [Read more]
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unlocking code nokia2310?

is there anyone who know's the code to open all network for a nokia 2310 mobile

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