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side buttions on nokia 5300?

i just bout the new nokia 5300 but when im lissing to music on it and try and change songs or play/pause the s... [Read more]
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Nokia Automatic Programming System TV?

I have lost my remote but can use a "one for all" remote. However the channels need to be tuned in and I can ... [Read more]
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When ever i try to format my MMC card It says format complete and when it comes to name it it gives this synta... [Read more]
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replace screen nokia 5300?

car has ran over phone only damage to screen, not cracked only black
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swap screen nokia 6102?

Is it possible to swap a screen in my Nokia 6102 myself??
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my nokia 6280 camera?

out of the blue, it seems to be spoilts. it waas fine the night before but as soon as i got up, it stated "ope... [Read more]
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How to mend a broken hinge at my Nokia 9500 Communicator?

It seems the mobile cover of Nokia 9500 Communicator is a very sensible part and hinges are often subject for ... [Read more]
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my cell is nokia 6600. Gallery doesn't open, and real player not working.?

Gallery of my phone doesn't open. I gives opening....... and doesn't open eve though it is empty. When I tried... [Read more]
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Cannot format my MMC card , ITs infected with w32 brontok virus?

i am using an 512 mb MMC card on my nokia n70 & now the phone doesnt detect the phone , & when i tried to form... [Read more]
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how can i repair my nokia 6230?

i dropped my nokia 6230 in the bath,iv got it working again after taking it apart,but now i have no signal,thi... [Read more]

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