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How to fix the retract cord button on Kambrook vacuum?

I have a kambrook jaguar KVC22, and the cord retract button doesn't work. I didn't even pull it out far, doesn... [Read more]
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no hot water jaguar combi boiler?

2 year old jaguar boiler nothing but problems with it ,ive got no manual with it and suddenly the hot DHW is n... [Read more]
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ignition problem?

boiler ignites then turns off re-ignites then off continuosly the model is a jaguar 28kw.
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jaguar 23kw combi boiler?

hi all!. can anyone help my jaguar boiler keeps cutting out on HW only on HW. CH side of things is working gr... [Read more]
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1999 jaguar rear wheel ..?

1999 rear wheel bearing, how do you get the hub assembly out to replace the bearins?? thanks
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how can i fix my glow worm jaguar combie boiler?

hot water not geting hot eneough and keeps cutting out at 33 celcieus
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jaguar boilers 23/28kw wall combi boiler?

unlike other people i can not get hot water with out the heating being on. ihave reverted to factory setting b... [Read more]
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triple webber 45 dcoe dies on acceleration ?

triple webber 45 kitted and fitted to a series 2 4.2 e type jaguar the engine starts idles touch the... [Read more]
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How I can find Radio Code for Jaguar 1992 XJ6?

I have 1992 Jaguar XJ6,I just replaced new battery,now asking code to operate radio/Tape and not working any m... [Read more]
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clutch ajustment jaguar x-type ?

The gear selecter has become "notchy" when changing through all gears. The clutch is working normaly there is ... [Read more]
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