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Question - mend, repair, fix

f17 is coming up on my Bosch exxcel 1200 express display screen?

during wash cycle f17 is coming up on my display screen why is this

ivor peake
November 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

check the water flow from the condenser solenoid
valve (just look at the little transclucent box just
left of centre you should just be able to see the flow)
when on dry cycle.

the solenoid my have volts on it (MAINS) but my be sticking.
i think the long term answer is a new manifold complete with 3 solenoids

May 2011

fluff in the fan banjo (i removed two loose handfuls
that where caked around the inside of the assembly)

tools req. torqs driver for lid back screws
2 point pozi driver
clean short bristle paint brush to dust off fan
fan assy is held in by 2 pozi self tappers.
requiring the assy to be turned anticlockwise after removal

May 2011

For us, it was that the washer is in an outhouse and, during a cold spell. the pipes froze, so now water was getting though to the machine. We gently heated the pipes and all good again

December 2010

thanks for all the help - I had the same issue having removed a load of stuff from the sump, turns out that I had not switched on the water inlet before powering up the machine (but put it on a few seconds later)

November 2010

I have just had the same and it looks like their wasn't enough water coming through, I fiddled with the tap by the inlet which seems to have increased the water flow and touch wood it has worked!

February 2010

I've had the same problem
I've checked the options that are mentioned in the manual:
• Supply hose isn't kinked/jammed
• There's a sink next to the machine so I can see that
the water pressure is fine
• I've checked the filters at either end of the supply hose and both are clear.

But the problem persists.
Wash cycle progressed for a good half hour before the F17 message came up, but on further attempts to dry the now wet washing the F17 comes up pretty much straight away

Anyone got any other ideas before I call out an expensive repair man?


April 2009

Had same problem - just looked it up in manual and it says F17- covers the following problems - supply hose kinked/jammed, clean filter, water pressure too low

Hope this helps- was having same problem but as I had just pushed washing machine back under work top think I jammed water pipe - so sorted now!!

March 2008

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The question: f17 is coming up on my bosch exxcel 1200 express display screen?
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Dec 2018

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