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Volvo V40 service indicator?

Jeff, Nigel. Having the same issue, would be grateful for advice (can't seem to find p306 referred to in above answer).

Also have a nightmare with alarm going off randomly (4.30am this morning, neighbours must love me) This is despite the car being deliberately unlocked!! Any ideas on how to just prevent the alarm arming?

Guy Brandon
September 2007

Need to mend your Volvo V40 car?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

car get gas to injectors but dont release it to the engine is it the regulator that causes that

November 2010

hi thanks for that volvo v40 02 plate , held in switch turned on ignition held for 10 secs. service light went off.

March 2010

The sequence for reseting the upto 1999 model is not quite right.
Before switching on ignition, press & hold trip reset button.
Switch on ignition, wait 10 secs, service indicator flashes, release trip reset button, audible confirmation will be heard.
Job done.

January 2010

that totally worked-I've had two service dudes say they reset it when in fact they did not-thanks!

November 2009

Hi there just tried both ways to reset tthe service light but it didnt work. Does having the on board computer make any difference.

Kevin harris
July 2009

the 2000 on on worked a treat on mine thanks

May 2008

Hi Guy there are two methods to reset the service light depends on year
up to 1999
switch ignition on press and hold in the trip reset button for 12 seconds service light will flash release trip reset button within 4 seconds and an audible signal will sound
ignition off hold in trip reset button switch ignition on still holding button keep button depressed for 10 seconds service light will flash release button within 4 seconds an audible signal will sound

September 2007

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how to change my 2002 volvo v40 indicator stalk.?

I have an irregular ticking even when indicators are not on & when i do indicate, the main beam light flashes on. I have also seen a puff of smoke coming from the steering column. I have purchased a replacement stalk and am thinking of fitting it myself. Is this possible & how difficult is it to do?...

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how much engine oil for a volvo v40?

how much engine oil shall i put in my volvo v40 when i change the oil (2.0 turbo) thankyou...

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Volvo v40 flasher relay/unit?

I believe my flasher relay has pack in, I am trying to replace it but I am having problems finding it does anyone have any pic of the flasher unit in place in the car big pointing arrow might

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v40 alarm deactivation?

how can i disable the alarm on my volvo v40? the battery has gone dead so i need to jumpstart the car, but when i do the alarm goes off and the key fob will not switch it off (probably needs to be re-coded) but for now i just want to get the car started...

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99plate 1.6 volvo v40 wont drive at all, engine runs but wont go in gear or anything any ideas on the cause?? is it going to be clutch? gear box? dual mass flywheel?? or slave cylinder?? any thoughts thanks...

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Volvo V40 marker light fuses?

Where is the fuse for the marker lights. Replaced one light and since then none of the marker lights have worked. Do they come under the M.O.T....

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I need to locate the Fusebox on a Volvo v40 estate 98/99?

I want to get to the headlights fuse, but it is not under the bonnet with the other fuses....

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how do i fix the horn of my volvo v40?

the horn of my car is not working at all. i replaced the fuse but no change. how do i fix this problem?...

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Help wanted!
Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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