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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can I fix curtain poles?

I have a kit from Sainsbury's Home base, the brief instructions do not make sense. How do I fix a curtian pole to a wall?

trish Bell
July 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

my pole and curtains are the lengh of a double door and window each side. my middle bracket has come out of the wall, how do i make it more secure.

March 2010

Be sure that you buy a curtain pole that is upto the job, there are some good quality ones out there if you look at reasonable prices, also ask for help before fitting and the experts may give you tips on how to avoid a disaster.
Try the website or contact them for advice, they also have fitting instruction online to view or download.

August 2009

yeah best thing is to drill into the wall rather than a wooden window frame (if the pole is metal or the curtains are heavy), or it will fall down eventually... drilling into the window will just weaken it, allow it to crack and rot when the air gets to it..

February 2009

Are they wooden or metal poles? How heavy are they?Look at your window frame. The brackets that the curtain pole goes into. Will it fit onto the window frame on each side? Is there a centre bracket? Can you attach it to your window frame at the centre of your window frame?I ask these questions because many of the more modern window frames are too narrow for wooden pole brackets.If the brackets are too big, then the best way to fit, is to first find out if there is solid wood at each end of your window frame at the top?If there is you can screw the brackets in at each end.And attach the centre bracket as usually that is smaller.Now if there isn't anything to hold the bracket to.You will have to attach them with a suitable wall fastener for your type of wall.Failing that you will need to find where the first wood dwang behind the wall is(with a stud finder) and attach bracket to that.Hopefully it won't be too wide.Put up brackets, hang pole, attach finials, out up curtains.Good Luck!

Gerald Brown.
January 2008

you have to drill a hole in the wall and then pop in some wrall plugs ( sorry about the spelling!) make sure they are the right size for the hole you have just drilled or the curtain pole will fall down! then depending on the pole you have to screw in the fittings. i am not sure what the pole fitting are like but i hope this helps!

October 2007

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Help wanted!
Many thanks for the answers. I was fearing a £99 callout charge.

Dec 2019

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