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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix Ferguson tv model wf70401g?

recently my tv has been switching off and going into standby mode with the led light flashing. Initially when its switched on it lasts about an hour then swithces off. I cant turn it on straight away and if i do it goes through a series of going on/off 3 times then the flashing standby light sequence. Does anyone know the answer to my tv or is it trying to communicate to another planet?

amar aslam
March 2007

Need to mend your Ferguson widescreen television?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

my tv is doing exactly the same. is there a way of fixing it without having to call someone in or taking it somewhere?

lola boleyn
January 2011

Well i tried calling a few tv repair men to see if they had heard of this problem and most of them just said bring the tv in so they can have a look. They say that they dont know what type of tv it is until they open it up, in my case it was a Thomson model. I'm a cynical person and dont like the idea of leaving my tv thinking they will find something trivial but charge alot so i found two guys that do house calls. Fisrt said could be the tranformer and would cost over £100 but he was stumped by the error sequence 3:7--was not in his notes. Second man(really good) came in and by that time the tv was going through so many light sequences 3:7, 4:5, 1:2, 2:7. He got straight in there and didnt bother with these error codes explaing that its the tv' safety mechanism to shut off saying something is wrong but with such a variation in codes its not accurate and consistent. He took out the main board and located a capicitor where the solder was loose, he said the capicitor itself looked ok but changed it just incase--resoldered it in place and any other potential looking loose solder. Worked like a dream and cost me total £40. His name was Ken Brown located near Glasgow. Honest guy.

amar aslam
April 2007

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My ferguson TV keeps switching off?

I have a Ferguson WF70401G widescreen tv which will keep switching off after about 6 mins and the standby light will flash a sequence of about 2-3. any idaes, we have checked the timer and that has not been set. We then have to turn it on again manually as it does not respond to the remote...

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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