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how can i fix my Nokia 3310 which died after recieving a text message?

my phone is a Nokia 3310
on the 15th i recieved an sms text message from a friend who i know & trust (i know this because i looked at the sms on my brothers sonny ericsson phone) as soon as i recieved the sms my phone got stuck (i still didnt open the message) so i tried to turn it off but it was still stuck so i took out the battery (which was fully charged) & put it straight back inside & my phone opened automatically without me pressing the on\off button, i then tried to open the message but as soon as i pressed the button in the middle my phone turned of & wouldnt turn back on until i took the battery out again & replaced it & my phone opened automatically, i could recieve calls & messages but i couldnt answer ar look at anything because as soon as i press any button my phone would turn off, & then all of a sudden after taking my sim card out & then replacing it again (for the 5th time) my phone went dead, i even tried to put it on the charger but nothing would work, my friends tell me it might be a virus but i'm not sure, because to my knowledge my friend who sent me the sms has the same phone as me. please help me i just want to know what happened & if it's fixable or not, & if it was a virus would the same thing happen to any future Nokia phones i buy (i'm thinking of buying Nokia 3100). thank u very much for ur help.

susan sabri (
January 2005

Need to mend your Nokia 3310 mobile phone?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Try removing the battery and leaving it out for 1hr it may reset. You say the sms you received was from a friend who has the same phone yet his/hers was not effected. I doubt it's the sms as they are only text messages I don't think any message that is sent is capable of locking a phone or introducing a virus. Check with your service provider that some joker hasn't got your phone locked out/barred.
If you know someone with a spare phone they aren't using then put your sim card in it and see how that one performs.

February 2005

I have exacly the same problem. Recieved a message and phone went dead. The nokia consultant told me that my opera has been deleted. Take it to a mobile repair shop and they can fix it for +/- £20. We can't do anything about that.

January 2005

hi mike, i did do that but when i connect to the charger nothing happens the phone is still dead

Susan Sabri
January 2005

Try reading the message with the phone connected to a charger, the fault may be due to a faulty battery.

January 2005

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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