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Aqualisa digital pumped processor constant red light on the controller ?

The controller has a constant red ring, no water hot or cold, changed out the processor but the same issue, status light on in the processor however pump not starting, water supply ok
Any ideas

January 2021

Need to mend your Aqualisa baths and shower?

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i have a aqualisa shower bur will not turn on?

aqualisa shower will not turn on...

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Aqualisa quartz shower, making loud whirring noise, no water in shower ??

when turned on, the blue light goes on the shower makes loud whirring noise, motor running, no water in shower, tried resetting etc, someone please help ?...

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Aqualisa Quartz digital shower ?

Water pressure is noticeably down even when I press the boost button and its making a different noise than before , something has changed just not sure what...

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How can I fix my Aqualisa Aquastream Shower?

I have an Aqualisa Aquastream which has been running well. However there is now no power coming through the unit to give me the power shower I expect! Water is freely coming from the shower head when switched on which is gravity fed. Do I need to buy a new shower or can I get parts?? Please help...

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Aqualisa Axis Digital, Lights permanently on but no water ?

Hi, I would be grateful for any help in relation to my Aqualisa Axis Digital exposed pumped shower (model AX8415). The lights on the control unit are permanently on but the shower is not working - no water coming through when I push the start button and no noise from the pump. I have tried...

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How can we stop whirring noise when turned off?

aqualisa aquastream shower works ok but when switched off loud whirring noise continues, any suggestions please?...

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Aqualisa power shower?

Shower is working but not powerful, I can hear the pump trying to fire up for a few seconds but then nothing. Is it the pump or something else and can I fix it myself...

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Aqualisa (blue led) quartz digital not working?

Having guests staying and the shower working fine by demonstrating how it works. Now all of a sudden will now not switch on at the control button?...

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Wish I had found this post sooner. Thank you so much for the tip!

Dec 2020

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