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How to dismantle Karcher KB 5 to service?

This Karcher Kb5 is just one year old and does start when kept in ON position for some time. Strange it starts say about 5-10 minutes after keeping it ON.
So, I think the switch is not functioning properly. I don't find a way to open the set, there is only one screw at the bottom.

April 2020

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Karcher 4.99 Power Washer?

Karcher 4.99.....I changed the cylinder head (relatively easy job) but when I tried to operate NO water comes out of the machine. The hose is clear and unfurled into the machine and I let it run (NOT switched on) for several minutes - NO water comes out!!!!!!...

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water filter karcher kb2020?

I have recently stripped down my kb2020 to identify an on/off problem. But blow me i cannot work out where the tube containing the water filter at the end goes....

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How to fix my karcher k2. 94?

My pressure washer has no power at all and when I turn the power switch on it blows the house electric. The machine makes no noise at all can anyone help...

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Karcher 2020B?

My Karcher suddenly raced and the water stopped although the pump was still running. dismantled the outer case and the works are all sealed up in a nylon case, so no way of getting in, so binned it and bought a new one at a third off at Wickes, well, it's rubbish, no power to the spray, should have...

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karcher kb 9020 issues?

Hi I have an odd problem with my Karcher KB9020, old yes but still working or was? When using pressure washer, with either lance or dirt blaster. If I pause doing operation, then pull trigger to re start washer. It will not start on pressure, it will only run at pressure if i disconnect lance...

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Waterblaster trips an RCD.?

Karcher 620m runs for e.g. A split second, sometimes 1 second, then trips a separate RCD. Is this a wiring fault in the motor? The on/off switch internals look ok. I have had it running for several seconds, but when out back together this fault returns....

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Powercraft pressure washer spares problem?

I have a powercraft power washer, from b and q, a few years old. All works fine except the gun section. While I was advised by b and q staff the karcher adaptor would fit, (which comes with the new gun and cable), it doesn't. I can't find any references on other adaptors. Can anyone help?...

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How can I fix my Karcher 432m Super?

I have bought a replacement hose for my Karcher, but I can't get the old one off. The plastic cover at the end of the hose that screws on to the machine, unscrews easily, but the fitting underneath won't move. Any ideas?...

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Help wanted!
Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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