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Clocks and Watches, Wall Clocks (709 other questions)
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Mend > Wall Clocks

Question - mend, repair, fix

I dropped my wall radio-controlled clock and now the hands race /don’t stop?

My Steiger radio-controlled, battery, wall clock dropped and now the hands race round without stopping. Is it repairable?

November 2019

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The question: I dropped my wall radio-controlled clock and now the hands race /don’t stop?
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R/C quartz wall clock movement source?

Where can I buy an radio controlled quartz clock movement to replace a standard unit?...

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How I can fix my Citizen Poppo battery operated Wall Clock?

The clock's movement is inaccurate: 1. it does not give ourcorrect time and frequently stops 2. When I take out Pendulum, it runs fast and shows 100% more than the accurate for slow and down time 3. When I put the pendulum back in the hook, it runs 2-3 hours or completely stops even after adju...

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Looking for information on buying parts for my Daniel Dakota Floor standing?

Danieldakota floor standing GF1000c...

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Smiths Enfield Mantle Clock?

I have just purchased an Smiths Enfield Mantal Striking Clock, had it cleaned and overhauled, now has a 1 year guarantee with it, BUT how do I get it to go, I have put the weight back on, the clock is wound up, but I think there is a switch that I need to move in the back for the clock to start tick...

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Un even weights.?

The middle weight is dropping a bit faster than the 2 end weights. What might be causing this, and how can it be fixed?...

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I have a Staiger Space timer clock that has stopped?

The Staiger space timer radio controlled clock is showing the incorrect time, even though the second hand is going round. Inserted new battery and the hourly hand moves round but then stops at 8pm. Do I need to purchase a new clock?...

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Hettich solenoid chatters in wall pendulum clock?

Solenoid sounds like a wood pecker instead of slow ticking sound and weight lever never stops when it should...

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Daniel dakota battery grandfather clock?

I have clock, that the battery pack was corroded and it is a separate part. Where can I get a new part. The movement, and pendulum all plug into this battery pack. The battery pack is also the chime part. Help on where to get one?...

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Help wanted!
Thank you. This has been driving me to distraction for months. Now fixed!

May 2020

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