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Tablet wont start!?

Anne droid(Android) on tablets she does get tired sometimes, as we all do if worked as hard as a donkey without rest. One should love and care properly for their donkey like they love their Tablet but equally allow them both rest, and not overwork them

Running a lot and last use before turning on was day before. You pick it up and find it wont start, why? It's a message from Anne who's saying 'give us a break I'm tired'.
However, you can ignore her and reboot by pressing volume button and on/off key together hold them on and a menue appears release buttons, select with sound key "reboot", press on/off to activate selection. Be careful of Reset all user input is DELETED.

May not on yours but it's worked for me on Tesco hudl2
I think this might only work on all of Anne Droid's tablets but worth trying on others.
Hope this stops 'nail bitting' because you can't start your tablet.

February 2019


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