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Mend > Widescreen Televisions

Question - mend, repair, fix

Tv turns on for few minutes then turns off?

Well i can turn my tv on and it works fine for around 2 minutes then will turn its self off? I then have to unplug the tv wait 5 minutes and then plug it in and it does the same thing again ive opend it up no sign of damaged capacitors or anything no burn marks oil marks or anything like that its boggleing my mind!? Someone please help i have a Samsung 40" lcd tv model number is LE40B620R3WQXU thanks in advance!

Mason :)
January 2018

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Need to mend your Samsung widescreen television?

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Capacitors may not look damaged.

January 2018

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Cursor on Samsung TV roams?

When pressing cursor (pointer) on my remote, the cursor veers to the right on the screen without me moving the remote or cursor. My remote does not have numbers to press 0-0 like suggested. Think my Samsung smart TV is a 2013 or 2014....

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My Samsung JS7200 remote won't work? How do I fix this??

I bought it last April 2016 but now the remote control won't work...

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Samsung TV Remote?

The volume controls on the remote do not work instantaneously. It takes from 30 to 45 seconds for the volume slide control to register / appear on the TV screen. Other Samsung remote controls work ok on this TV. Any clues please?...

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Samsung Plasma TV every button on remote turns TV off.?

TV is a Samsung FPT6374X/XAA. After turning the TV on, pressing any button on the TV turns the TV off. Seriously....every key turns it off. Technically the remote is transmitting a signal but I can't tell if the remote is the issue or if it's the remote receiver. I've tried changing the batteries bu...

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How can I fix my Samsung TV and Remote?

My Samsung TV and remote stopped working. The TV turns itself on and then turns off after a few seconds. The remote does not control the volume, channel or anything. What can I do to fix this problem?...

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samsung remort smart TV?

nothing has worked for me. But how do you press 00 when there are no number...

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Samsung remote control stopped working. Do I need a new one?

The red lite on the remote does not come on when I touch the power button. I have changed batteries. Samsung TV and remote less than 2 years old. Remote model Number is AA59-00600A...

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Unresponsive remote ?

Guide/channel list button on Samsung TV remote works intermittently. Only way to access is through Menu button. Tried new batteries, software up to latest version, no luck. Other buttons on remote responding ok. Now Apps page just blank nothing displaying. Any ideas to what it may be?...

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I used WD40 as many suggested and it worked like magic!

May 2019

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