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Baxi 105e?

I have a Baxi 105e boiler, it has started to heat the radiators when the hot water tap is run. I've replaced the diaphragm in both the Hot water and Central heating diverter valves, and made sure that the switching pins run smoothly.

When I set Central heating only, the pin on the CH diverter switch moves out and switches the switch, and the Hot water one does not move ( as expected), However, when I demand hot water, the pins on both switches move out ?? is this correct?

Can you please advise, should both switches engage for hot water only, or should only the HW switch engage? Can you advise on likely causes and remedies.
Thanks in advance.

July 2017

Need to mend your Baxi 105E home heating system?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Which will always move for heating & hot water

The front one is the DHW MICROSWITCH
Which should only work for hot water

August 2017

More searching throws up some suggestionbs:

You will doubtless have already seen much info like this with your own Google searches. It may be more fruitful to post in a dedicated plumbing/heating/boiler forum than on a general purpose site like this one.

July 2017

Thanks for the response, however these do not really answer the question, I have replaced both the diaphragms in the diverter, and the pins move out smoothly, the question is - when the system is calling for hot water only should both the pins (hot water and CH)on the diverter be moving out and engaging the microswitches, or should only the hot water pin be moving?

July 2017

July 2017

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I have a Baxi combi 105E boiler and have fitted a new towel radiator.after refilling system (all radiators have been bled and pressure is 2 bar), system will not restart. I have a flashing alarm "low pressure / pump fault". Instruction manual says there is a valve on top of the pump which needs op...

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cannot get my baxi 105e boiler to ignite?

my baxi 105e boiler will not ignite. both heating and hot water bring up flame failure and fault on fan or flue. fan works have ran it from an outside source. both micro switches working....

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how can i fix my baxi combi instant 105e?

hot water side ok but will not switch over to central heating icon not lighting up and starter flame not coming on...

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Baxi 105e combi not heating water?

Hi everyone I've got a baxi 105e the heating is working fine but when I turn the hot water on it's not heating up unless it's dribbling out then it heats fully knocks off the flame then reheats,it will work for a week then go again,I've changed the diapragm but no luck,would it be...

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Baxi 105e Combi Boiler?

I have a Baxi Combi 105e which has been really great until now but has starting acting up and I think it needs something replacing in it? I really like this boiler and will try anything rather than replace it. 1) I noticed that when I ran the hot water tap when the heating was on that the boile...

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hot water baxi combi 105e?

when on dual heating and water we get hotwater when its on water only it wont heat it ???...

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Baxi 105e dhw problem?

My 10 year old 105e does everything it should apart from I only get really hot water when ch is on. Ive cleaned phx and checked diaphragm (ok). Next thing would be changed dhw temp sensor. anyone tell me where this is....

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baxi 105e ch not heating the rads?

boiler seems to cycle properly no fault lights pressure gauge dropping boiler temp lights only going to 50 before burner shuts off...

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Fantastic! I disconnected the battery for awhile as advised.

Aug 2019

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