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Mend > Dishwashers

Question - mend, repair, fix

Beko DWD 5410W - no lights on ?

We have had this machine for around 5 years, and had no problems until now. After its last wash we found it with dishes clean but wet, and still with a load of water in it. We bailed it out and dragged it out of its slot, checked plug fuse which OK, but still no sign of any power even when we use a different wall socket
Looked on You-Tube, and found a number of videos, but nothing useful specific to Beko. The videos inspired me to take the facia for the control panel off, but now I don't know what I'm doing. Might it be a thermal fuse, and if so what does it look like on a Beko? I can see a little black box with 2 terminals and a load of codes on it - would that be the thermal fuse - if so how do I check whether it's faulty?

Any help gratefully received.

March 2017

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I tried responding from a different PC but that doesn't seemed to have worked. What I wanted to say was that I will respect your wishes, and not contact the chap in Auckland.

Thanks for your advice and assistance none the less.

March 2017

You can eliminate the switch as a possible cause of your problem - frankly I don't think the door-open switch would cause the fault you have - it would just stop the circulating pump if you open the door during washing.

You can eliminate it however by just moving one spade connector from the Normally Open (NO) terminal to the Normally Closed (NC) - and if the machine then works wait for it to finish its cycle before opening the door else you'll get very wet.

As for calling the man in New Zealand I would rather that you did not - aside from the 11 hour time difference I would feel uncomfortable about him being unnecessarily bothered due to me providing you with his contact details - I should not have done that. I should not have even mentioned him.

Call in a service engineer...

Good Luck...
March 2017

Hallo again,
On closer inspection you're absolutely right - the little button on the switch will be depressed when the door latch is fully engaged.
I will maybe see if I can get a replacement for the switch - it looks like it's a pretty inexpensive component, and if that doesn't work then a call to Auckland could be in order, or as you say a local appliance engineer.


March 2017

The chap in NZ is an appliance specialist - he answers questions on here with deep knowledge and experience behind him - he signs off as Lincoln Appliance NZ - too far for a service call.

Given you admission that you're unsure about your machine then perhaps a local appliance engineer would be a good call for you to make.

As for your Microswitch it's possible that it could be defective - microswitches do fail now and again. The switch will be there as some kind of interlock - to stop operation if the door is opened perhaps - the little operating button should give you a clue - what on the dishwasher depresses the button?

Lincoln Appliance & Electrical
Te Atatu Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula,
Auckland 0610, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 170 3520

Good Luck...
March 2017

Thanks very much for your answer.

My little black box would appear not to be a fuse, but is instead a
micro switch made by Merchant Corporation of Hong Kong.
It's one of these:-

So my assumption was wrong and I still don't know what I'm doing.
Will post more if I make any progress.
Is the chap in New Zealand contactable?


March 2017

You do not report the codes on the little black box - it might help you to search using what's printed on it to discover just what it is.

As for it being a Thermal Fuse I'm unaware - because I have no experience of these things - that dishwashers had thermal fuses but if there's a thermal fuse in the machine logic suggests that it would be placed where heat is found - somewhere in the water system rather than in the control area.

Suppose that it is indeed a thermal fuse as you suspect - with just two terminals it will either be closed circuit or - if it has operated - open circuit. You can check for this using - if you have access to one - a multimeter set to continuity to check its condition. Open = blown - Closed = not blown.

The codes on the little black box will reveal the nature of it.

Your machine did not finish its cycle - drying didn't happen - I suspect the heating element but I know nothing - a chap in New Zealand knows much more...

Good Luck...
March 2017

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Followed instructions. Machine is now working.

July 2020

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