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My Logik L22LID18 screen has no sound on HDMI ?

Hi my Logik Tv has had this problem as long as I can remember, when I'm playing my games consoles on this TV there is a problem I get where it doesn't pick up characters voices but plays the background music and noises, however whenever I turn my head away from a character there voice returns. In a shorter version when I look directly at NPc's there voice isn't picked up, any help is appreciated.

The screen also dims completely when I go on the pc output, I've tried adjusting the setting on both the TV and the computer but have had no luck, the sharpness, colour and tiny option are also locked.

February 2017

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where can I get a power supply board for a logik 50 plasma?

Hi I. Am in Kzn PMB SA and my 50 inch plasma tv is not comming on no picture. Power supply board is damaged. Can u help...

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Remote for Logik LK-C40F78?

I am searching for a remote for a Logik LK-C40F78 LCD television. Even if you can supply me with a picture and the model number of the remote it will be appreciated....

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logik hd TV channels not saving ?

Every time I switch on my TV I have to retune And my TV is going to get a foot shaped hole soon...

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logik - tv, dvd?

My TV wont turn on, the remote control sends the signal, blue light comes on, the screen flickers once and nothing happens...then I have to unplug it and plug back on to get some power??? and same thing happens again...

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lk-c40f78 signal is there but no picture ?

Av cables has been checked sound is there but no pictures means I have the signal it will light blue screen with logik logo but the screen goes black.. You may hear audio without pictures...

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tuning in of tv?

How do I tune in a Logik L19LID648A tv - do I need an ariel - have tried this and a message keeps coming up no signal - in actual fact we have had the tv for 2 years and the kids only use it for cd's really disappointed in it have a play station now and trying to get it to work...

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what is wrong with my logik t.v?

right, my t.v has 1/4 of the screen which is black with lots of lines on it.. but the rest of the screen is ok, you can still watch the t.v.. does any1 know what is wrong with it?...

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how can i fix my logik tv ?

the screen keeps flashing red and green then blue and no buttons are working what can i do ?...

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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