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I have error code E13 on my neff washer-dryer V6320X0GB/01 about 6yr old?

The error code appeard toward the end of a washing cycle. I turned machine off at mains then turned on. E13 vanished. As it looked like there could be water in the machine I selected rinse/spin cycle. It performed OK but error E13 appeared at the end. I have been able to removed my washing and it did rinse/spin.

October 2016
just a thought, but why not do a Google search for, oh, say "neff washer-dryer V6320X0GB/01 error e13"

Within 10 seconds you'd have a whole raft of results, including stuff like this:

Google is your friend. USE IT. Don't expect others to do it for you.
October 2016


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