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How do I fit a new pull cord to my extractor fan?

I have two fans, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, I have just bought the flat and there are no cords on the fans but there is a slot in the bottom of the case where I think a cord should fit, but I don't know which bit to fit it to. I think they have been there for some time and they do work . there is a seperate switch. I can't remember the make or model as this is not my main home. I would have to go round to check.

Viv. B. frustrated DIY single woman.
June 2016
In bathrooms and toilets - extractor fans are often controlled from the light switch - switching on causes the fan to operate and a separate power feed allows it to over run when the light is turned off.

The extractor then works automatically as the light is turned on.

If they're capable of pull-cord operation it should be quite obvious where to fit the cord - a switch with a lever and a hole in it to attach the cord.

You say that both of them work - then why should you need a pull cord?

The slot in the case might well be to adjust the period of over run - but that's just a guess.

Good Luck...
June 2016


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