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Makita BMR104 jobsite radio no writing on LED screen?

I have recently bought a second hand Makita jobsite radio. it was working fine but now the screen has just got the blue backing light but no writing. I think maybe a factory reset would fix it but because there is no writing i can see what im doing

can anyone help


February 2016

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I just bought a working BMR104 off Gumtree . Everything great until I plugged my phone into the aux input then the display went blank.
Here is my fix .. real weird, but it worked:

Switch on radio
Press Advanced button once
Press the volume/tuning knob once
Carefully rotate knob clockwise 6 clicks
Press knob once
Rotate knob clockwise 1 click
Press knob once

Wait. Radio now resets and retunes but display remains blank.

Switch off radio and back on.

Repeat the above procedure.

This time after resetting, the display springs into life and says something like “WAITING FOR PC WIZARD”

Switch off radio

Connect a PC to the micro USB socket
Switch on the radio, the display should now work.

CAREFUL! I repeated the fault by plugging my phone into the AUX jack again. The same process did not work a second time on the same PC USB port, but did work when plugged into a different USB port ... something to do with loading drivers??
Anyway see if it works for you

Phil W80
January 2020

Cheers yes I had found the manual but was hoping maybe some one could talk me through it if they had one was all. I've emailed them today and they said take it to a makita dealer which I probly will

Cheers for the help !

February 2016

Manual here: (30 seconds with Google search)

Reset instructions need data from the LCD, unfortunately. You MAY be able to do it "blind". See page 7.

Alternatively, you could try contacting Makita (Faecebook, Twatter or simply by email) and asking what to do.

February 2016

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Help wanted!
Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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