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Question - mend, repair, fix

Mikomi p1471 tv.?

i have tune in as the manual states but i cannot get the channels on . the auto tune is still in red.

barry wootton
December 2015

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You do realise this isn't a digital TV and is highly unlikely to receive anything in the UK?

If you want an analogue TV your local charity shop may have something.

December 2015

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mikomi tv model 15lcd250?

do i need a code for my new remote control - if so where do i get it ?...

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kb - mikomi tv model 15lcd250?

i have just moved house and i cannot remember how to tune the tv in as i have lost the instructions. i can't get a picture at all on it....

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My remote for MIKOMI 15LCD has packed up - know where I can get remote asap?

My remote for MIKOMI 15 LCD has packed up + TV doesn't respond. Anyone know where I can get another remote asap?...

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mikomi television?

i can only get one station how do i tune it in, no handbook...

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No picture on brand new Mikomi CRT televison?

I have a brand new Mikomi P1471 crt television, I purchased it around 18 months ago in the uk and have since emigrated. I have gone to use the television for the first time but when I switch it on I just get a solid green screen with solid horizontal lines, I am unable to access the menu or even tun...

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my mikomi tv has stopped working?

Could you give me a contact telephone number so I can get in touch with manufacturers to see if I can get someone to to possibly tell me if I have pressed the wrong button or if it is repairable...

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mikomi t.v?

where can i get a power lead from for my t.v...

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How can i mend my mikomi lcd15796? ?

When i turn my tv on the picture flashes up for about a second then the screen goes black. The sound is perfect but no picture and every now and agian the picture will stay on and i can watch the tv as normal. Someone mentioned a backlight inverter. What is this, are they easy to fit and are they...

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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