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Gilera DNA 50 problems?

I have a I have a Gilera DNA 50 that i just cant seem to get running,
I have a very good spark at the plug and have tried a few thing on it but still no good,
The things i have done are,
1, New spark plug
2, New 17.5mm carb
3, New reed valve and inlet manifold
4, New Base, and cly head gaskets,
5, New Crankshaft seals,
6, New crankcase gasket
When I say new I mean new not second hand
all the above i have tried with a gravity feed fuel tank
and i have tried it with and without the exhust on, I'm now out of Ideas,
The Fault at first was when i did get it running it would only rev to 7000 rpm and cut out
Thanks Andy

September 2015

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

is the piston fitted the right way around ?

adam bike doctor
October 2015

The clocks/dash on a DNA are prone to fail, which result in the bike not running correctly or not starting at all. Its well documented on a google search.
Incidentally, my son currently has a DNA50 with only 1,500 genuine miles on it. We've de-restricted it but otherwise its standard and that will only rev to just slightly over 7,000RPM and it will do 45 to 50mph sat upright.

October 2015

first check the spark is good ,if its not then its an easy system.a few things that play up are the speedo ! they have a part inside them which links the rev counter pulse from the cdi to the tacho.replace it or disconnect the yellow wire to the tacho.i take it the bike has good compression.also check the wiring block from the stator coils is ok .

adam bike doctor
October 2015

I assume the bike does not run at all and you have a good spark, any kill switch, clutch or side stand switches if fitted are all there fuel getting to the cylinder? just had a chat to a mate and he recalls these have a fuel pump, is it working. does sound like a fuel or timing prob. is the new carb set up right. no air leaks at carb. does engine fire up if you use a cold start spray.

September 2015

I forgot to say its a 2003 model,
I do have a bit of know how as I'm a HGV mechanic and have been for 30+ years Give me a diesel engine and I can do it with a blind fold on.
BUT modern 2 stokes are a bit alien to me

September 2015

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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